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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I've moved!!

I've decided to move from my Blogspot to my own unique website: www. ajsimoneau.com to promote my photography. A new location  where you will still recieve my blog, photos, and get some cool insight!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Evening Delight

It's nice to come home to see three smiling, tail wagging dogs. Each one of them wanting to fetch the ball, eat dinner, and harass me while I unload my truck from a day's work-all at the same time. No matter what age they are (seven months, eleven years old, or twelve years old) each one of them greet me with unconditional love and excitement.  They give me energy when I don't think I have anymore left at the end of the day.  Each one barking and/or herding me to go for a walk, run with them, pet their tummy, throw the ball, throw the stick, go for a ride... Each dog wanting different things at the same time. They instantly make me smile (even when I think I don't have one left to show).  My dogs are a great addition to my life.  Thanks to my four-legged, life-long, friends.

Need I say more?

A sunset like this one can only enhance the importance of the simple things in life and reintroduce the beauty that's right in my own backyard. I live on a hillside which allows me to see, appreciate, and sometimes capture moments like this one on camera. Every sunset is unique. The days I have to travel for work, I try to get home before dusk. This allows me to be greeted by my dogs and settle-in from the day's challenges and responsibilities, before the sun closes off the day.

The evening I captured this sunset was a great distraction and couldn't be missed. Sometimes I feel I'm the only one that can see it. Or, as if I have front row tickets to the most important show. The brilliant colors, the shades of blue layering the hills across the way, and the sun's size and brightness grabbed my attention. Each piece and all it's spectacular colors, drew me in to a peaceful mindset.

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